Hellenbrand E3 in Sioux Falls & Brandon, SD

Efficient, Electronic, Environmentally Friendly
Engineered and Produced in USA!

Features on demand regeneration and user-friendly electronic display.
Featuring a 5 year manufacturer's warranty!

10 programming options ensure conditioned water to meet your family's needs

Permanent memory back-up of all programmed settings

Variable reserve automatically adjust to household water usage

Noryl™ corrosion-resistant control valve body is durable for long life and stands up to the chloramines in our water.

Pre-fill brine tank with softened water reduces salt-bridging and cleaning of brine tank.

We feature Hellenbrand water softeners which are manufactured in Waunakee, WI. Hellenbrand has been a pioneer in water treatment manufacturing for over 40 years.

All water softeners are available for sale or rental on a ​month-to-month rental agreement.