Are You Sick of Your Dirty Tap Water?

Enjoy clean water with our water filtration systems and softeners in Sioux Falls & Brandon, SD

Is your water loaded with contaminants? Does it leave hard-water stains in your shower and toilets? You don't have to settle for dirty water. Aqua One by Halverson's Water Conditioning offers water filtration systems and softeners for your Sioux Falls & Brandon, South Dakota home.

Our systems remove calcium, sodium and other impurities from your water to improve your health and well-being. We offer complete system services, including installation, diagnostics and testing.

Call us today to clean up your dirty water once and for all.

We carry several systems to address your needs

Aqua One by Halverson's Water Conditioning provides the most advanced technology for your water filtration system and softener in Sioux Falls & Brandon, South Dakota. Our systems include carbon filtration, advanced diagnostics, optional salt recycling and a digital interface.

Below are the systems we offer:

We're one of the few companies that carry water softeners made in the United States of America. Contact us today to find the system that's right for you.